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Invisalign 89123 vs braces comparisonInvisalign 89123 orthodontic professionals make use of comfortable, clear, removable aligners that are proven to be excellent for improving the alignment of your smile. Because they are so thin, most people will never be able to tell that they are actually being worn. Streamline Eastern Office provides clear braces designed for adults and teens within Las Vegas 89123.

Streamline Eastern Office 89123 dentist offers Invisalign right here inside our warm and friendly, cosmetic dental practice. The detail and convenience that this treatment method delivers helps each of our Las Vegas area patients to experience straighter teeth without resorting to standard metal braces.

Invisalign-treatment-photosInvisalign aligners accommodate just about everybody’s way of life – regardless of whether they are working professionals, stay at home moms or busy teens. Every Invisalign appliance is actually made using thin acrylic that will snuggly fits around your natural smile. Gentle force coerces the teeth into the ideal place without the pain of traditional brackets and wires.

Because Invisalign aligners are completely removable, each of our patients have a much much easier time integrating them in conjunction with their daily routines. There are no dietary constraints and the aligners are simply taken out for regular brushing and flossing. No adjustments will be required – just switch out of the aligners every couple weeks to progress your treatment plan with much less visits to our office.

Don’t put off the straighter smile that you’ve desired for years. Invisalign makes a healthier, more spectacular smile a real possibility for our patients. Visit with one of Streamline Eastern Office’s 89123 Invisalign dental professionals for your free assessment.


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